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Hey this is my favs come and look at these AWESOME artwork people made......:P :? :onfire: :heart: :D :dance: :boogie: Have fun looking :iconsexyprussiaplz: :iconsexyprussia2plz: :iconsexychinaplz: :iconsexynorwayplz:

ʎɐqǝ uo pɹoqʎǝʞ ɐ ʎnq ɹǝʌǝ ʇuop ˙sıɥʇ pɐǝɹ uɐɔ noʎ ɟı


Twisting his body to have more room to sway low and to come up with much speed. Levi sliced through the titans nape no problem. His speed was unbelievable to anything in this world. Nothing was able to stop the captain of the Survey Corps. His body moved like nothing ever before. His strength was compared to nothing. He was looked up to, too many. Soldiers looked up to him, they wanted to be him, although there is only one of him, no one could ever match up to him, no one could ever meet his standers. Many knew this, and others didn’t. Those who did, gave up. Those who didn’t wasted their time, doing nothing. They weren’t helping humanity, they were trying to beat humanity’s strongest.

Although, even the strongest can fall.

He was beautiful, strong, and many other things. He was everything to him. He was his heart, his soul, his husband, his love. Although, good things must come to an end. Everyone comes to an end. Nothing works out right in this cruel world. Nobody should love in the Survey Corps, and Erwin knows this. Yet, he married and loved a man from the underground. Someone he saved and trusted. Someone that he would die for, and the other would do the same, but it looks like that already happened.

Blue hues looked down at a pale male. His lips parted slightly as his hands were folded across his chest. Raven hair draped over his closed eyelids. His breathing has come to an end. Beautiful white roses surrounded his body, familiar faces stood above his form. Tears rolled down their cheeks, but one. He did not shed a tear, not here, not in front of everyone. He stayed strong. Oh how he wanted to hold the small body in his arms, hold him, cry into his shoulder.

Erwin wasn’t sure how this happened. It was too fast to take in. He was dead, his wings had broken, crushed, disappeared from behind him. Levi was gone…forever.

A single tear rolled down his chin…
      “Oh Levi, everything will be fine! I'm sure Erwin is alright!” Petra chirped as she patted Levi's back. “I'm pretty sure he wouldn't leave a wonderful wife-or husband all by himself with a little boy.” She smiled warmly.

“He better not, little bastard,” he took a sip of his tea and looked over at a picture of Erwin. His husband was in the Army, and he was happy for him, but also not. He would have to take risks that Levi probably couldn't stand. It hurt him deeply. Eren missed his father and wished he would come home, right now the little boy was at preschool. “I should finish up Landry and get these sheets done. Thank you, Petra. It was nice to chat for a while.”

Again the gingered haired girl smiled and stood. “Not a problem. I'll come back tomorrow.” she smiled once again and left Levi to himself. Levi sighed and went out to the back to finish hanging the sheets to dry.

“Now today class we are going to-” the teacher stopped mid sentence. “Mr. Smith? What can I do for you?”

All heads spun towards the door way. A well built male with blond hair smiled warmly. “I came to pick up my son,” A little boy with brown hair jumped from his seat. Eren ran into his legs as tears rolled down his cheeks. “I missed you too, Eren.”

“Papa!” he cried as Erwin picked him up.

“I'll be taking him home early today, if you don't mind.”

“No, go ahead Mr. Smith. Eren has been telling me how much he's missed you.” the female teacher smiled and placed her hands on her hips.

“Thank you.” with that the blond walked out of the school, and was heading home.

After about fifteen minutes the car pulled up to their wonderful home. Erwin got out of the car and went to the other side. He gentle unbuckled the belt and picked up the small boy. In his other hand he held white roses and chocolates, Levi's favorite.

Erwin quietly opened the door, Eren bounced up and down until his father told him to be quiet. He wanted to surprise his lover. “Eren, I want you to go to your mother's side and distract him...alright? I want to surprise your mother.” Erwin tapped his nose and then kissed his forehead.

The little boy nodded and giggled. Eren ran out into the backyard. “Hello Hans!” Eren patted the German Shepherds back before running up to Levi.

The shorter male neatly hung white sheets on a line to dry. He heard a familiar voice and turned. “Eren? What the hell? Don't repeat that word,” Eren chuckled and jumped into Levi's arms. “I was supposed to pick you up at two'o'clock. How did you get home?”

“I picked up him up.”

Levi jumped from the voice and looked towards the door way. His heart jumped in his chest, the beats growing faster as he looked at his husband. His neatly combed hair, the same as always. Erwin's nicely built body was fine to look at as always. “Erwin?” he slightly gasped, finget tips grazing his lips. He felt tears fill his eyes. He slightly blinked, letting them fall from his eyes. “Oh my...god...”

“I'm not exactly god, Lee,” he scrunched up his nose as he looked at the smaller male tear up. “Oh don't cry, sweetheart.” he soothed.

Levi put Eren on the ground and made his way to Erwin, pulling him into a tight hug. He finally let the tears flow. “Erwin I'm so damn happy to see you.”

“As am I, love,” he pulled the roses and chocolates from behind his back. “I brought you these. I know how much you loved them.” Erwin smiled warmly as he saw Levi's eyes light up.

“You didn't have to get me things, although thank you very much,” he sniffed the roses. Damn Erwin being so perfect. The raven looked up at the blond. “I didn't get you anything. Although I can give you this.” Levi got on his toes to place a light kiss on his perfect lips.

Erwin smiled into the kiss, almost forgetting the feel of those small cold lips. He pulled away, cupping Levi's face in his warm hands. “You're so beautiful,” he whispered. “I missed waking up to you in the morning, your raven hair draped in front of your eyes. Gray eyes shut tightly as you dream on, lips parted as you breath. Your small form hugging the blankets.” he placed his forehead to the others, closing his blue eyes.

Levi chuckled. “You're too sweet. I love you so much. I wasn't able to sleep at all the nights you were gone.” he leaned into the others touch. “You mean everything to me.”

“I'm glad I can be,” Erwin picked up his husband, holding him tightly in his arms. “I missed holding you.” he nudged noses together, laughing.

Levi smiled as he wrapped his arms around his neck. “I missed you holding me.” he placed his lips to the others. Erwin licked the others bottom lip. Levi allowed his entrance by parting his lips slightly. Erwin took full dominance quickly, Levi letting him.

Eren huffed and kicked the dirt. “I never get a kiss...” he puffed out his cheeks, only to feel the dog licked his cheek. Erwin and Levi only chuckled at their son.
Jul 12, 2014
:iconwir-sind-die-jaeger:wir-sind-die-jaeger has changed their username (formerly xChibiWolfx)

My Viking story!

Sat Mar 1, 2014, 3:36 PM
Sup everyone. I haven't  talked to you guys in a long time. I've been on tumblr a lot lately. I know, I know I have a bunch of stories I have to finish, but I think I will only keep up my Cardvers story and that's it. I have this great idea for a Viking story with the Nordics and so I am doing it. So just bear with me alright? The other reason I haven't been on is because of homework and such and we all know that's a pain. 

My friend gave me this idea to write this story about the Nordics in the viking times, so I will take her up on her challenge. Plus I really love Denmark he is such a cutie and I would love him as a best friend.

Besides that I'm still alive and kicking. I do hope you all are doing very well. I hope we can talk soon again. My life as been a ball of crazy...and depressing. So many funerals I've been too and other stuff.

Any who I will be posting the first chapter soon I hope and chapter 4 of my cardvers story.

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HI, This is Female England from Hetalia :D I like this one!!! I hope you like it! :boogie:

:iconpewdiestyleplz: I'm part of the bro army :D

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"the kinfe gose in the knife gose out
I'll stab until your screams pourout...
I'll pour your organs on the floor...
then you wont scream here anymore" this pic is awesome and this saying is from that pic. It reminds me of 2P England (DID NOT make it up)

You should grow a beard.... you got so much... face


I LOVE IGGY (England) :heart: :iconenglandplz:

Come Little Players
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Of D A R K N E S S
Come Little Players
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Of S H A D O W S

Follow Sweet Players
I'll Show Thee The Way
Fall Into The Pain And
The Sorrows
Weep Not Poor Players
For Death Is This Way
Murdering Beauty And

Hush Now Dear Players
It Must Be This Way
To Weary Of Life And
Rest Now My Players
For Soon We'll Away
Into The Craze And
The I N S @ N I T Y

Come Little Players
I'll Take Thee Away, Into A Land
Of D A R K N E S S
Come Little Players
The Time's Come To Play
Here In My Garden
Of S H A D O W S

I LOVE FRUK YOU MAD BRO!!! :iconplanningplz: FRANCExENGLAND!! Also lets no forget RomexChina :D

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RAVE PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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MY FAV ICON TO DO IS THIS!!!! :iconstewiewtfplz:

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